Also touring the state is The Sweet Plains of Regret, an eighteen-minute multi-screen video installation by Mary Lucier, an internationally respected installation artist with a close relationship to the landscape and people of North Dakota:

At the turn of the twenty-first century, Mary Lucier began to visit North Dakota, traveling across seasons and time, venturing into the far northwest corner of the state, almost to Montana, almost to Saskatchewan. The North Dakota Museum of Art had commissioned her to respond to the population shifts that are forcing the people of the Northern Plains to re-imagine their lives. Seismic change has swept away family farms and ranches, small towns and rural schools. The land is now occupied by agri-business with its massive machinery, global positioning systems for precision crop management, worldwide marketing networks, and government safety nets. The lone farmer, the cowboy, crews of custom combiners, migrant workers and field hands gradually move on. The remains of that earlier life dot the landscape like the skeletons of fish washed up on far distant shores. The Plains of Sweet Regret is the artist’s answer.