Art of the Rural is a collaborative organization with a mission to help build the field of the rural arts, create new narratives on rural culture and community, and contribute to the emerging rural arts and culture movement.

We work online and on the ground through interdisciplinary and cross-sector partnerships to advocate for engaged conversation and policy that transcends imposed boundaries and articulates the shared reality of rural and urban America.


Art of the Rural considers the aesthetic, cultural, and historical foundations within the field as a necessary prologue to the current conversation. We believe rural America stands at a unique intersection between the traditional and contemporary, and we are committed to documenting this complicated inheritance.

A two-fold mission guides Art of the Rural. While our digital projects offer multiple outlets and platforms for engaging with the dynamics of rural arts and culture, we are also committed to connecting those resources to the lives and the experiences of a range of communities. We believe digital media can collapse the geographical distance that has long separated rural people from themselves and their urban partners, but that such technology must work to bridge human relationships through events, programs, publications, and the creation of collaborative communities.

Through these interconnected forms of engagement, we cultivate what we call an open cycle of practice:  our digital material informs our physical programs while feedback on the ground guides our online work. By way of this philosophy, we view Art of the Rural as an evolutionary project, vitally dependent on the collaboration of multiple communities.