Creative Rural Urban Alliances Webinar

Last week, we shared information about Art of the Rural collaborations that address both rural and urban communities alongside staff from the Rural Policy Research Institute and M12 Collective on the CommunityMatters and Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design™ Creative Rural Urban Alliances Webinar. Art of the Rural’s Savannah Barrett joined M12 (artist collective) member Kirsten Stoltz and RUPRI’s Chuck Fluharty to discuss creative rural urban alliances, including our Middle Landscape projects and the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange.

The Art of the Rural community believes rural and urban places are vitally interdependent and often experience a common social and economic future. Our projects build on the shared cultural and historical experiences across rural and urban regions and celebrate rural places while also including perspectives along the rural-urban continuum.

Listen in to learn about rural-urban collaborations that are is bridging divides, building common ground, and positioning arts and culture as a key component of community and economic development. The CommunityMatters® Conference Call series offers a variety of 60-minute conversations about critical issues, tools and inspiring stories of community building. CommunityMatters® is  a program of the Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design and the Orton Family Foundation.

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