Kenyon Gradert To Discuss Midwest Culture On NPR This Morning — Join The Conversation!

 Photograph by Robert Josiah Bingaman; via fly over art tumblr
This morning from 11 to noon Central Time, Kenyon Gradert will appear on the NPR program Saint Louis on the Air to discuss Midwest culture. Also joining host Don Marsh: Mike Draper of the extraordinary art/clothing store RAYGUN. He recently published The Midwest: God’s Gift To Planet Earth. It’s going to be lively and wide-ranging discussion.
If folks have questions for these guests, they can call (314) 382-TALK (8255) or send an email to
Kenny would love to hear the questions and comments of Art of the Rural readers — those within the Midwest and beyond. As his Course on Midwest Culture pieces suggest, this region has a particular rural ethos, and a unique rural-urban connection, that will make for an illuminating conversation this morning.