Art of the Rural Membership

Kentucky author Wendell Berry defines membership as the bond shared among a community:

“The way we are, we are members of each other. All of us. Everything. The difference ain’t in who is a member and who is not, but in who knows it and who don’t.”

All of us at Art of the Rural invite you to join in our ranks as those who deeply care about rural places and become a member of Art of the Rural today. A one time investment of $100 or just $7 per month grants you a full year of AOTR membership, and a full year of programming and material from AOTR.

Levels of Membership:

$100 one time or $7 per month and you’re an AOTR member

Add value to your membership by sponsoring an Art of the Rural program:

  • $500- Fund a series of articles
  • $1,000- Fund an intern for an Atlas of Rural Arts and Culture project
  • $2,500- Fund a residency in a small community
  • $5,000- Fund a leg of the Rural Urban Exchange
  • $10,000-Fund the release of cultural material for the Middle Landscape Initiative

By adding to your Art of the Rural membership at the above listed sponsorship levels, we offer you our sincere gratitude and the following sponsorship benefits:

  • Recognition on the Art of the Rural website, Atlas of Rural Arts and Culture, and social media
  • On-site signage recognition for Art of the Rural events
  • At the $5,000 level and above, we’ll sweeten the deal with a care package that includes Art of the Rural releases and cultural materials.