Public Launch

Sharon Mansur leading a dabke, a traditional Arab folkdance, during her Dreaming Under a Cedar Tree project; Photo: Sydney Swanson

Outpost is a collaborative space located in Winona, Minnesota.

National headquarters for Art of the Rural, Outpost welcomes our partners from across fields and geographies to host conversations, create projects, and engage with the cultures of Winona and the Upper Mississippi region.

Outpost is guided by three core values:

• Offer an accessible, inclusive space for creative regional collaborations
• Provide a platform for rural-urban exchange
• Present exhibits and events on the contemporary cultures, communities, and industry of the Upper Mississippi region

This work is made possible through the support of the McKnight Foundation and the spirit and generosity of many folks across the Winona region.

Outpost events and exhibitions are always free and open to everyone.

Please follow this link to learn more.