Images from the Reedsburg Fermentation Fest

Fermentation Fest

Last weekend saw the conclusion of the two-week Reedsburg Fermentation Fest, an annual event led by the Wormfarm Institute in collaboration with many individuals and organizations from Sauk County, Wisconsin and beyond. The event also corresponds with the Farm Art DTour, which features a path through the county punctuated by roadside installation art, such as Brenda Leigh Baker’s Crib seen above. Folks can also follow the Fermentation Fest link to also learn about the varied forms of events that illuminate the “live culture convergence,” everything from beekeeping and homebrewing to readings by food activist Gary Nabhan and agrarian artist Nikiko Masumoto.

Some fine writing on the Fest appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal and The New York Times. Art Place also features a series of blog posts and conversations on the Farm Art DTour.

The Flickr feed for this year’s Fermentation Fest is extraordinary — a fine introduction to the kinds of visionary work that the Wormfarm Institute and their many community collaborators bring to Reedsburg and Sauk County each year.