Sunday Song: Reverend Johnny "Hurricane" Jones

The cover to the most recent Dust-To-Digital release of the Reverend’s music and sermons

It is a glorious thing when a person can say “I am walking with God. I don’t have any money. I don’t know how my bills are going to be paid.” If God had not been walking with me, I could not have made the journey.
     – “The Hurricane,” Reverend Johnny L. Jones

The Atlanta publication Creative Loafing has recently published an excellent and extensive consideration of Dust-To-Digital, a record label and publishing imprint with few peers. I imagine that many folks are already familiar with the astounding range of material they have brought into the world; if not, please refer to the link above and enjoy exploring their archives of LPs, CDs, books, and radio programs. 

Dust-to-Digital has worked hard over the last two years to bring the live recordings of Reverend Johnny L. Jones to folks around the world — first with Jesus Christ From A to Z (the title track is essential listening) and later with Rev. Johnny L. Jones: The Hurricane That Hit Atlanta, a two CD set. Here’s a video Creative Loafing produced of the Reverend: