Supporting The Daily Yonder: Keep It Kickin’

Today I’d like to share news of The Daily Yonder fundraising campaign to Keep The Yonder Kickin’.

I imagine that most readers of this site are familiar with The Daily Yonder — and for good reason: its writers consistently provide the most comprehensive coverage of rural culture, local and national policy, and everything rural in between.  
It’s impossible to overstate its importance, how our national dialogue on rural issues is informed and given a consistent foundation through the work of editors Julie Ardery and Bill Bishop.  On a personal level, the Yonder’s example helped to give me the inspiration, and to realize our collective right, to begin a project like Art of the Rural. 
I am sure I am not alone in that regard; if we think back to those digital dark agesthe internet circa 2007then we can appreciate the scope of The Daily Yonder‘s sustained contribution to our national dialogue about rural America. 
Folks can help Keep the Yonder Kickin’ in a number of ways, and there are some fun Yonder-specific perks for your contribution: seeds, walking tours, banjo lessons, and lots of Yonder gear. If circumstances allow, please consider supporting their work.