The Vernacular: Our Blueberries

Thank you so much for card. I hadn’t much hope Flora’s young man would be leaving: and of course she will not want to go if she has a good place, if he doesn’t go. I may get someone else, I hear Mrs. Evan Gertrude wants a place. So sorry you had a headache. We have cool nights but warm, sunshining days. Johanna likes it very much here. I daresay you have blueberries too. Regards to your friends, A. F. 

Some of our blueberries are aburst like grapes: they are so large!
Postmarked August 7, 1912 at 6:30 pm. Addressed to Miss Linda Lenholm, c/o Reverend S. Bergdhal, P.O. Box 54, Republic, Michigan