2011 BIG FEED: A Series Of Links

In anticipation of this weekend’s BIG FEED, I’d like to print a series of links related to my rural arts and culture presentation. Many thanks to the M12 for the opportunity to visit Yuma and share the work of The Art of Rural; for folks in attendance, and perhaps even for those just looking to browse some links, I offer this distillation of the artists and organizations mentioned in my talk. With so much extraordinary work out there in the contemporary rural arts, I would like to stress that these links come together as a narrative of shared values and sensibilities, not a definitive “best of.”  Please visit our Rural Arts Links page for much more information on the range of artists and organizations at work right now in rural (and urban) America.
M12: Open Space: Derek Grubaugh and Lindsay Kotovsky, in collaboration with Kirsten Stoltz and Vincent Family Farms

Jay-Z and Alan Lomax: Ethan Hein’s Music, Technology, Evolution blog 

Dust-to-Digital and Goodbye, Babylon 

Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey series and Fred McDowell: The Alan Lomax Recordings 

Nathan Salsburg’s Root Hog Or Die 

Ishilan n-Tenere 

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Rural Studio 

Bob Arnold and Longhouse Press 

Lorine Niedecker

The Winding Stream

Don’t Forget this Song:David Lasky & Frank Young’s comic book project

The Carter Family Project

Where Soldiers Come From

Last of the Pagan Babies

Double Edge Theatre 

North Carolina Farmer Voices

Farmer-Veteran Coalition

The Lexicon of Sustainability

The Art of Regional Change

Appalachia Rising

Southern Foodways Alliance

Western Folklife Center

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Deep West Documentaries


Thousand Kites

Roadside Theater

Chris Sauter


Thornton Dial
Chris Verene

The Quilt Index

Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance

Amy Stein

David Lundahl

Richard Saxton

M12: The Ornitarium