2012 Preview: Glen Hanson

From the press materials for Glen Hanson Gallery: Now and Then

[With a new year approaching, The Art of the Rural is pulling back on the reins and taking a much-needed breather. Instead of going silent for two weeks, however, we’ll offer tidbits on the articles we are planning for early 2012. Much more information and commentary will accompany these links at that time. In the interim we will still provide updates on our Rural Arts and Culture Feed. The Art of the Rural will return to normal operations on Friday, December 30th. Thanks again for reading – and making 2011 such and exciting and inspiring year!
I had the pleasure of meeting artist, musician, writer, and curator Glen Hanson at the M12’s BIG FEED this year, and learning more about his work. Mr. Hanson arrived in Yuma in a vintage truck camper that he had recently rebuilt; he planned to escape the cold weather in the upper midwest and travel through the country for a couple months. In keeping with his artistic spirit, Mr. Hanson set out without an itinerary.
A recent retrospective on the groundbreaking art space he opened in the Minneapolis Warehouse district can be seen in Glen Hanson Gallery: Now and Then (article with excelllent pdf here). This video also features Mr. Hanson’s interpretations of classic country music:
Mr. Hanson was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; he lives in Minneapolis and also spends many months of the winter in solitude in South Dakota. That’s where ArtOrg produced this video:

Folks can view his recent extraordinary bead work, which pushes at both the traditional and modern applications of this medium, at The Bockley Gallery site.