A Jetsonorama Panorama

Many thanks to Gary O’Brien for contacting us and sharing this interactive panorama from Jetsonorama’s wheat paste installation in Cameron, Arizona.

What’s striking about this technology is that it not only gives depth and dimension to Jetsonorama’s work, but it reveals how these installations stand as monuments in a sparsely developed landscape – as these representations of folks from the artist’s community float luminously beneath a crystal-clear night sky.

Mr. O’Brien is an award-winning photo-journalist currently working Tuscon, Arizona. His site also features some multimedia reporting on a wide range of subjects, as well as a portfolio of work that meditates on natural space and then applies that same compositional sense to domestic scenes. He also spent a portion of 2005 school year with a class of fifth-graders, and the photo-essays and audio work to emerge from that time is particularly moving – and suggests a collaborative model for other artists and community members. 
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