At The Rural Sociology Society Annual Meeting

beautiful Boise, Idaho

Folks, I’ll be in Boise over the next two days for the Rural Sociology Society’s Annual Meeting. I’ll be a part of an interdisciplinary panel on “Real and Simulated Rural Culture,” presenting a paper called “Important Places, Important Times: Claiming a Rural Modernism.” I’m honored to have a place next to moderator Barbara Ching, Lisa Pruitt of UC-Davis (and editor of Legal Ruralism) and Gregory M. Fulkerson of SUNY-Oneonta. If any readers of this site happen to be in Boise for the proceedings, please send me an email: it would be great to hear about your work. 

Posts over the next few days may be slow, or may occur at random parts of the day, so thanks for your patience. All the best, Matthew Fluharty.