Coming of Age in Rural America, Without Health Care

I don’t think any position I’m going to get out of college will come with health insurance. I don’t know a single friend from college who has a job like that. A sick workforce only intensifies an already sick economy. It’s hard to work when you can’t afford eyeglasses for your astigmatism, dental work for your rotting teeth, or medicine for pneumonia. We’re constantly being told we are the future of the country, but we’re starting out a step behind.

As Congress continues to craft health care legislation, and the ideological arguments and talking points persist everywhere from the cable networks down to the local coffee shop, I think that we would be well-advised to hear this essay by Brittany Hunsaker recently broadcast on NPR.
The piece was produced by Ms. Hunsaker (in conjunction with Youth Radio) while she was interning at The Appalacian Media Institute, an organization in partnership with Appalshop that gives young people the opportunity “to use video cameras and audio equipment to document the unique traditions and complex issues of their mountain communities.” The AMI site offers visitors a number of videos and audio pieces on a diverse range of subjects.