For The Weekend: Plants, Prints, School Lunches and Gulf Coast Soul

The University of Nebraska Gardens site, edited by horticulturist Emily Levine, is also following Donald Culross Peattie’s An Almanac For Moderns and regularly posting his entries online. The Gardens’ site is a complete and visually stunning catalogue of everything in the Lincoln campus’s Maxwell Arboretum.
The Florence Griswold Museum is currently featuring The Road Less Traveled: Thomas Nason’s Rural New England. This printmaker’s work is striking and austere–the perfect compliment to the work of Robert Frost. The sites features a series of videos with curator Amanda C. Burdan that explain the art and the inspirations of Mr. Nason’s work. 
Along the lines of our recent “Farmville Files,” here’s Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project. “Mrs. Q” is a teacher with a mission to eat just what her students eat for an entire year. The site features commentary, a host of valuable links and, of course, a picture every day of what’s on the menu.
Here’s an article by Nancy Bless, the director of Texas Folklife, on Barbara Lynn–“The Empress of Gulf Coast Soul.” It’s a fantastic introduction to her work and to the cultural and musical history of the region. Here’s Ms. Lynn singing her 1962 hit “You’ll Lose A Good Thing.”