High Visibility: On Location in Rural America and Indian Country

American Ledger No. 2; Raven Chacon

Art of the Rural and the Plains Art Museum have entered into a long-term partnership to create the collaborative platform for High Visibility: On Location in Rural America and Indian Country, an exhibition, publication series, and network of region-specific collaborations and projects. Beginning first in the plains region, High Visibility will collaborate with individuals, communities, and institutions across the country, boldly reframing our national narrative.

Launching in November 2020 with a publication/podcast series, and an initial exhibition in October at the Plains Art Museum, High Visibility will gather a diverse range of art works, practices, and histories from rural America and Indian Country, making visible this rich, complicated body of contemporary work. This collaborative work aims to spark a national reappraisal of the critical and cultural narratives around contemporary visual art and socially-engaged practice in rural and Indigenous communities – and provide much needed cultural context in a moment of heightened awareness and anxiety on the rural-urban divide.

As the artists represented share their work in their own visual and relational language, High Visibility will inspire audiences to make connections within their own everyday experience – to re-draw their connections between the cultures, practices, and ways of being present in rural America and Indian Country.