Hiss Golden Messenger Takes To The Air

MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger; Abigail Martin

As we catch up on news we were unable to cover over the last few weeks, we wanted to share this: Frank Stasio of NPR’s The State of Things, in conversation with MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger.
As we’ve written previously, HGM’s Poor Moon was one of the most extraordinary records of 2011, and it’s wonderful to hear Stasio and Taylor talk through so many of the ideas that inform the music: folklore, place, and family. Taylor also performs two tracks live in studio, “Call Him Daylight” and “Bad Debt,” and concludes by offering a new song, “Busted Note.”
In other exciting HGM news, Poor Moon will be available on CD courtesy of the excellent Tompkins Square label on April 17th — with a new LP run offered by Paradise of Bachelors.

Hiss Golden Messenger “Poor Moon” – out April 17th by TompkinsSquare