In Memory of Charlie Louvin

 Associated Press photograph

Charlie Louvin’s passing this Wednesday has inspired many wonderful remembrances and commentaries; here’s a short collection of these responses. Together, they offer a rich collage of memories and interpretations of this country music legend, a man who lived a life just as inspired and remarkable as his music. 
The New York Times offers a concise review on his life and work, while this interview with Terry Gross from the NPR program Fresh Air brings Mr. Louvin’s own voice to the tragedies and successes that marked his musical career.
Josh Rosenthal, of the Tompkins Square label, offers this moving remembrance of Mr. Louvin; Tompkins Square released a series of critically acclaimed records by Mr. Louvin in his final years.  
Today in The Daily Yonder, Julie Ardery adds an eloquent perspective to Mr. Louvin’s life and art, and her readers offer some valuable comments and links. 
The Smoke Music Archive contains this comprehensive series of features that considers Mr. Louvin’s music and his legacy. Included within is a two-part video interview conducted by Nathan Salsburg of the Alan Lomax Archive and the Twos & Fews label–as well as exclusive live performances. The first half of the interview is included below; the full interview can be accessed by following the link above.
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