Introducing Our Rural Arts Links

Wind from the Sea, 1947; Andrew Wyeth

Today I’m  happy to report that our Rural Arts Links are now online. 

This project has been a long time in the making. When I began this site a year ago, it became clear very quickly that the rural arts scene needed a comprehensive list of artists, organizations and media resources. I hope that this list can help “connect the dots” both for artists and their audiences across the country. 
The lasting impression that the long, eye-bending process of compiling the Rural Arts Links leaves me with is that, though we are often working within our own artistic or geographic regions, we are also part of a much larger dialogue on rural America and the arts–a conversation that is going to be increasingly central to the larger national dialogues that occur over the next decade. If the twentieth century, to some, was the century of the modernist city, then these gathered voices lead me to believe that the twenty-first century will be a time when our culture will be moved to reconsider its interconnectedness with “the rural.” 

To those ends, I would value everyone’s help in developing the connections presented across these categories of links. Please help us add your favorite rural arts sites to this list. Throughout the course of 2011 we would like to also create a useful list of local arts organizations, and we could really use everyone’s help. Please submit your suggestions in the “comments” section of The Rural Arts Links site or send an email to artoftherural at gmail
The categories are listed below. These links will also be included in our ever-evolving Rural Arts Map.
News and Commentary
Regional and National Arts Organizations
Museums, Galleries, Performance Spaces
Arts Education
Film Organizations
Films and Audio Documentaries: 
Music Organizations and Record Labels:
Visual Artists
Culture and Agriculture
Food Culture

Local Arts Organizations