STATE OF THE RURAL ARTS: “Despite the challenges facing rural America, genuine excitement is gathering around the people, the work, and coalitions of the rural arts and culture movement, where constructive and critical conversations are taking place. Organizations and individuals are leading the way in challenging the narrative of rural culture and its intrinsic value to our national cultural fabric. This series works to tell this story and to share these leaders’ insights.” — Savannah Barrett, Program Director




NOTES FROM THE FIELD: “Folklorists typically find themselves working within a canon of folk and traditional artists and their communities—the weavers, the fiddlers, the storytellers, or the altar-makers. With Notes from the Field, I hope to present a discourse for a more open-ended view of what constitutes these key cultural concepts of “community” and “tradition.” — Jennifer Joy Jameson, Project Steward




NORTH COUNTRY: “North Country explores how country music and radio become a means for Maine and New England to connect with the rest of the country, and helped create the crisscrossing connections between Northern and Southern musicians on a path that connected two far-apart regions.” — Alyce Ornella, Project Steward




COURSE ON MIDWEST CULTURE: “Some may think “Midwest culture” the height of oxymoron, But the region has been home to significant literary endeavor–and long before the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. I would like to challenge presumptions and assaults (im)pieties both within and towards the Midwest, a place that is neither quaint pastoral nor vacuous meth ghetto. Perhaps a bit of both, with much in between.” — Kenyon Gradert, Project Steward