River Summit

Pool 5A: Winona, Minnesota, photograph by Matthew Fluharty

Founded in 2013 by Art of the Rural and The Institute for Marking and Measuring, River Summit is a longterm initiative that works with individuals and communities across the Mississippi River corridor to connect the culture, landscape, and industry of this region.

Current projects within this initiative include:

The American Bottom Project: through both an extensive digital resource and The American Bottom Gazette regional print publication, this project invites scholars, activists, artists, educators, and citizens to collaborate towards telling the complicated history of the 65-mile floodplain to the east of St. Louis. This work has recently been featured in Art in America and is the supported by Illinois Humanities and a Divided City grant via the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Anthropocene Vernacular: a collaborative project supported by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and undertaken with The Luminary and a range of artists, curators, scholars, and activists, this work shares the multigenerational story of how the St. Louis region’s people have lived, cultivated and embodied their everyday culture in the midst of the convergence of social, environmental and economic forces.

Public Launch: located in downtown Winona, Minnesota, this collaborative community space offers media and convening resources, while also presenting free exhibits, meals, and events focused on the everyday, living culture in the Upper Mississippi region.