Sunday Song: Bonnie "Prince" Billy

This Sunday we’d like to offer this song by one of our favorite musicians, Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Over the last two decades he’s made some of the most consistently interesting music we’ve heard, constantly shifting across the terrains of country, folk, rock and even a little gospel here and there.
He’s just contributed two songs to Save Our Gulf in the hopes that the sales can help bolster the work of that organization and its collaborators at the Waterkeeper Alliance. Later this month Drag City records will release the “There Is No God” b/w “God Is Love” 10″ LP, with downloads also available; all proceeds go to the worthwhile work of restoring the Gulf. The video and press release follow below:

On June 21, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy will present “There Is No God” b/w “God Is Love”  the new single from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and features the musical talents of Emmett Kelly, Ben Hall, Pete Cummings, Peter Townsend, Billy Contreras, Cassie Berman and Rachel Korine. The songs were recorded by Mark Nevers and mastered by Paul Oldham.
We are so very lucky to have the profits from the sale of these recordings go to Save Our Gulf c/o Waterkeeper Alliance and The Turtle Hospital to support efforts to clean up and maintain waterways and the lives dependent upon them.
These funds and all funds donated to Save Our Gulf goes directly to supporting the work of seven Waterkeepers on the Gulf Coast who were directly impacted by the BP oil disaster.
Save Our Gulf is a coalition of Waterkeepers brought together in the wake of the BP oil disaster to lead the fight to restore and protect local watersheds, coastal communities and the Gulf of Mexico.  We hold polluters and decision makers accountable and promote the sustainability of our communities.  Our vision is for all communities to have waterways that are swimmable, drinkable and fishable.