Thanks To The Journal of American Folklore

It was a wonderful surprise to learn that Nicole Saylor had included a discussion of The Art of the Rural in her recent review of current websites in The Journal of American Folklore. We’re honored to be included in the JAF’s pages and set into conversation with a number of sites that were points of inspiration when we began this internet project.
Ms. Saylor’s piece also introduced us to some new organizations and websites that we’ll be adding to The Rural Arts Links and The Rural Arts Map: the Keepers of Tradition blog and The National Heritage Museum, The Wisconsin Folksong Collection and The Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Culture. Through her writing we also had a chance to acquaint ourselves with a collection of sites concerned with documenting and sharing the stories and songs of Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music: The Celestial Monochord, Where Dead Voices Gather, Times Ain’t Like They Used To Be, and The Old, Weird America.
We hope to discuss the above sites in much greater detail soon. The Journal of American Folklore can be viewed here via Project Muse.